Ready to Master Teamwork?

What is TEAM?

Team by Confidently is your fun, science-backed, web-based solution that uses performance psychology to improve your teamwork and productivity.

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Why TEAM Works

Teamwork training is critical to your team’s success. Teams that set clear, effective goals, support one another, manage communication, coordination, role clarity and conflict, and monitor their progress regularly… WIN.

The Science of Behavior Change

By combining TASKwork and TEAMwork and focusing on behavior change, TEAM gives you a simple tool, process and shared vocabulary enabling complete mastery of the core skills of elite teamwork. 

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The Basics

The basics of how TEAM works and the core pillars of the program.

TEAM was built by a team of high-performance experts. A team with PhD’s and decades of experience — who have coached mental fitness and Teamwork to Olympians, NBA Teams, elite special forces, and top business start-ups.

We’ve invested over 2 years building this product, and every tool we share is one that’s both evidence-based, and that we’ve used in real life.

Target setting chats help team leaders pick the team’s core focus for the month — and define what it is, why it matters, and what success looks like.

They also allow team members and team leaders to define their “most important thing” each week.

Empower chats help teams build psychological safety and trust, get better at asking for and offering help and support, and improve at giving direct, actionable “nice” Feedback.

Align chats get teammembers “on the same page” by building communication, coordination and process improvements, role-clarity and conflict management.

Monitor activities at both the weekly and monthly level push the team to capture lessons learned, learn from mistakes and reflect regularly in a systematic, structured, growth-oriented way.

With Chats like “Get Motivated” and our “Grow Journal”, we help team members build optimism, appreciate their strengths, boost motivation, practice self-compassion, explore their values, and more.



We know from research and experience that when your team engages in these behaviors they’ll produce better results, have stronger relationships and engagement, incur fewer errors, and recover more effectively from setbacks than teams who don’t.

Dr. Alex Auerbach

Co-director of Science

Dr. Alex is currently Director of Wellness and Development for the NBA’s Toronto Rapyors and has served in the past as the Director of Clinical and Sport Psychology at the University of Arizona. He is an experienced professional with a focus on helping other people figure out how to be great at what they do. He has worked with professional athletes, Olympians, elite military units and for NBA teams.

Dr. Amy Athey

Dr. Amy Athey

Co-director of Science

Currently a member of the Human Performance Team at the Naval Special Warfare Development Group and formerly Chief Wellness Officer at the University of Arizona. Dr. Amy is a national leader in Performance Psychology and the training of Mental Fitness with over 20 years of working with elite performers, coaches, teams, medical professionals and organizational leadership. 

An experienced entrepreneur and one of the former co-founders of AND1, a basketball brand that reached over $200 million in annual sales and took market share from Nike, Reebok, and adidas. Tom has over twenty-five years of experience in start-ups across both B2C and B2B.

"Training teamwork regularly is a key to building high-performance."

— Coach Mojo