A STEP Goal-Setting Guide to: Writing a Viral Tweet

A proven framework for reaching our goals meets… a trite a ridiculous goal.

Goal Setting Makes Mojo Happy

By Coach Mojo

So you want to be famous?

Nice! But only 8% of us hit our New Years goals. For reference: 8% of people believe the moon landing was staged. This is not a banner stat for goal-setting — or, frankly, for humanity in general.

Our crime when it comes to goal achievement isn’t one of passion; but rather of strategy. We want to write our opus, land our dream job, and crush our speech, but we construct our goals to fail. We build foundations out of straw and sticks, only to be left roofless and freezing when life’s adversity gets to huffin’, puffin’, and blowin.’

Confidently built the STEP goal model to give people a framework for setting and achieving their goals. Fortified by the science of the high performance mindset, STEP goals are:

Specific ⟶ Grounded with specific numbers and times
Tappable ⟶ Supported by an environment designed to help us remember
Energizing ⟶ Linked to our personal values
Practical ⟶ In our control with a 70% Completion Target

To hammer home the efficacy of the STEP model with a real life example, I present to you:

Confidently’s STEP Goal Guide to: Writing a viral tweet! 

First of all, congratulations! You’ve chosen to embark on one of humanity’s most noble tasks; a Mount Everest of relevance scaled famously by Presidents, dogs, k-pop stars and that dude who wanted free Wendy’s nuggs for a year.

At Confidently, we want this goal for you too. Let’s plug it into the STEP model to tighten it up.

Goal-setting S.T.E.P. #1: be "Specific"

Specific goals have numbers in them, and often include a time or frequency. This makes it easy to know if we accomplished our task.

Buddhist monks in the Tibetan tradition undertake a solo meditation retreat lasting 3 years, 3 months and 3 days. If we’re serious about twitter fame we have to get committed.

And so, rather than setting a goal “to write a viral tweet,” commit to writing 200 tweets a day for the next 1,000 days. This specificity — combined with sensible, viral-friendly add-ons like joining a South Korean boy band, or teaching a baby panda to sign the lyrics to a Cardi B song — will help.

Goal-setting S.T.E.P #2: Make your environment "tappable"

Tappable goals include reminders in our environment where we can see them regularly. It’s these little clues and tokens of our commitment that “tap” us to keep our eye on the prize.

Start by duct taping your phone to your non-scrolling hand so it’s always with you. DO NOT use staple or nail guns, as a 50-year longitudinal study has revealed this to be less effective than duct tape, and really, really painful. 

PRO TIP: If you have a baby, have your baby wear a homemade cardboard “phone” to remind you to tweet. If you don’t have a baby, that’s totally fine. Just get one, make the phone suit, and slap it on ’em. 


Goal-setting S.T.E.P. #3: Get "energized"

Goals are energizing when they’re linked to our core values — our meaningful beliefs that guide our behavior. Examples of values are “helping others,” “learning,” “creativity,” and “providing for loved ones.” We feel our values deeply. They constitute our very being.

In this case, the value guiding our behavior is guturral need for the superficial sugar high of strangers thinking we’re cool for a minute. We want that heroin shot of FAME baby! This is why we’re duct taping plastic to our hands and dressing up our craigslist babies.

Energize yourself by formally linking your goal to this value by writing it down:

“I will compose 200 tweets a day for the next 1,000 days because the superficial sugar high of strangers thinking I’m cool for a minute is super important to me.”

Put this phrase somewhere you will see it often, like maybe duct taped to your other hand or a different body part, and let it fill you with motivation.

Goal-setting S.T.E.P. #4: be "practical"

Practical goals are goals we can reach and are in our control. Research shows that we should target about a 70% completion rate for monthly goals, and 90% for daily goals.

Good news! Your new goal: to write 200 tweets a day for the next 3 or so years, is extremely practical and I’m proud of us for making it. A completion rate of 110% is not out of the question.

The standard tweet takes 2 minutes to write and send, meaning we can accomplish our daily task in under 7 hours every day. That’s amazing. Plus, many tweets can be written in less than 2 minutes and still have huge viral potential. Take this recent tweet, “SPACE FORCE. VOTE!” by President Trump, which has understandably been retweeted over 50,000 times so far.

Can we not come up with our equivalent of “SPACE FORCE. VOTE!”? I know we can.

in closing...

Nice work! We hope you found this application of the STEP model helpful. You can use our STEP goal planner for free at any time in the Confidently app (in the iTunes store).

Structuring your goals in this way has been proven to make them more achievable; and as we start achieving our goals more consistently, our confidence grows.

Now please, for the love of all that is holy, share this piece with everyone you know. We badly crave the superficial sugar high of strangers thinking I’m cool for a minute.

If you would like to learn more science-backed tools for reaching your goals and growing your confidence, download CONFIDENTLY in the app store today.


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