Parently is "guilt free" parenting advice...

Delivered in snack-sized chats by Coach Mojo. 

Mojo is a playful chatbot who engages you in daily chats built by some of the world’s top performance psychologists, parents, and a team of creative comedy writers.

And Mojo’s available on parents’ hours (e.g. 24/7/365) to challenge and support you with plenty of humor and zero judgment.

Your personal Parenting partner
Use the science of self-regulated learning to PARENT better


On your parenting, what you're doing, and why it matters.

STAY Optimistic

Track your optimism and find "little things" to be positive about.

Stay Grateful

Stay Grateful as a parent for the miracles and "little" moments.


Embrace the miracles inside the madness and rush of daily life.

Stay ResIlient

Bounce back from setbacks and keep going as a parent.

Track progress

Spot growth and trends with the charts Mojo keeps.

Being a better parent has never been so easy (or fun)!
Built by parents (and some of the world's best high-performance coaches)

Including Dr. Alex Auerbach (Head of Wellness and Performance for the Toronto Raptors), Dr. Amy Athey (former Chief Wellness Officer for the University of Arizona), and more.

Are you a company, organization, or influencer?

Want a custom masterchat?

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First, we analyze the area we're building chats in and find the best, most knowledgeable expert teachers.


Next, we work with these teachers to design and develop the most effective, reusable ways to use chatbots to train these core skills.


Finally, we test, release, and continually improve these chats so they are short, effective, and engaging.

Our Founders

Our Founders

Dr. Alex Auerbach

Co-founder & Director of Wellness and Development at Toronto Raptors

Dr. Amy Athey

Co-founder & Performance Psychologist Naval Special Warfare Group

Tom Austin

Co-founder & CEO