How to be a More Confident Voter in the 2020 Election: A guide

We can’t tell you who to vote for, but we can help you cast a ballot with confidence.

Goal Setting Makes Mojo Happy

By Coach Mojo

At Confidently, our mission is to coach you in the universal, scientifically proven tools of living confidently — tools like goal-setting, energy management, and focus — so no matter what you aim to achieve, you pursue it to the top of your potential.

To guide this process, we built the Live Confidently model: a research-backed roadmap  for using these tools and tracking your progress.

The Live Confidently model can be applied to any endeavor. Today, let’s apply it to your goal: To be a more confident voter in the 2020 election!

Vote like a champion today

Congratulations! You have committed to exercising one of your fundamental rights as an American citizen — right up there with chomping a hot dog on the 4th of July, and sobbing uncontrollably during the movie Armageddon.

There are many emotions we can feel when we vote: excitement, fear, pride, existential dread; but our specific goal here is to feel more confident. Whether you vote in person or by mail; for Trump, Biden, or Kanye; we want you to do it well — with the mic drop of ballot drops.

The Live Confidently model is composed of dozens of tools and subfactors, and the work of earning and sustaining confidence is carried out over a lifetime. So to make this easy (and readable over a single work-from-home toilet sitting), we’ll break this down by introducing just a few of the tools, and how they relate to your voting process.

Live Confidently tool - "Finding our why"

Whether our task is a sports game, zoom interview, or a big public speaking presentation, we become more confident when we link our pursuits to a higher purpose. In the world of high performance mindset training, we often refer to this purpose as our “why.”

If someone was to ask you, not “who are you voting for?” but “why are you voting?” would you have an answer? What do you care most about? Is it education? Taxes? ALL CAPS TWEETS?

If you’re like most people these days, your answer to “why am I voting?” soars in on a magic carpet of expletives, because that’s where we are right now as a country. But whatever your answer is — know that there’s a mountain of research suggesting you’ll be more motivated and confident if you know your “why.”


Write a list of the top 3 most important issues to you this election season. Put them on a post-it note somewhere you’ll see it often. Here’s an example of mine:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Campaign Finance Reform
  3. A chatbot’s right to choose

Live Confidently tool - "Developing a STEP goal"

Your stated goal is to vote in the 2020 election. This is a good goal on the surface, but the underlying form of our goals has a lot of say in whether or not we achieve them.

Confidently built the STEP goal model to give people a framework for setting and achieving their goals. Fortified by the science of the high performance mindset, STEP goals are:

Specific ⟶ Grounded with specific numbers and times
Tappable ⟶ Supported by an environment designed to help us remember
Energizing ⟶ Linked to our personal values
Practical ⟶ In our control with a 70% Completion Target

Let’s take your goal to vote in the 2020 election, and run it through the STEP model to see where we land:

Have you looked at one of these ballots? They’ve got more props than a Carrot Top show! (Ba dum ch — FLOWER SPRAY!) Instead of simply committing to “vote,” make your goal more specific and measurable. For example, research one or two ballot initiatives each day for 10 minutes until you’re caught up. Then, make a plan for when, where, and how you plan to officially cast your ballot.

This is about creating an environment to remind us of our goals and inspire us to achieve them. We recommend choosing the presidential candidate you want to lose, and painting their likeness over every wall in your house until you can’t take it anymore.

Our goal becomes energizing when it’s linked to our values and our higher purpose. The good news here is that you’ve already accomplished this with tool #1. So whether it’s social justice, tax reform, the supreme court, or that you simply can’t F*C%KIN! #$*&nkJ#*$U#)!!!!!!!!!!! — you’re already plugged into your “why,” and will be more energized as a result.

We want to be able to hit our goals 70% of the time, meaning they shouldn’t be so easy that they don’t challenge us at all, but they also shouldn’t be impossible. Your goal to vote is already practical; people have been accomplishing this goal for generations; but there are clearly some Covid-19 related hurdles this time around.

If your plan is to vote by mail, check out one of the many great resources out there to ensure that your ballot is counted.  If you plan to vote in person, source your location well in advance, and be sure to choose the mask that best matches the red, white, and blue “I VOTED” sticker.

DID YOU KNOW: Only 8 percent of people hit their New Years goals? This is the same % of people who think the moon landing was staged! By the way, it totally was staged. (My goal this year was to be more conspiratorial)

Live Confidently Tool - "Maintaining focus"

The Live Confidently model is ripe with strategies for maintaining focus. Lord knows, we need ’em now more than ever! Distractions abound in 2020: one second you’re writing a blog post, the next — hold on — Trump just retweeted a video of an all-squirrel marching band at a Woodland Creatures For Trump rally in Bordentown, New Jersey.

Oh my God, they can really play…

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh yes: distractions are everywhere!

When you’re sitting down to vote, if you find yourself losing focus, you need a tool to quickly lock yourself back into the task at hand. We recommend one called the “5,4,3,2,1.”


Take note of:
5 things you see
4 things you hear
3 things can smell
2 things can touch
And 1 thing you can taste

The 5,4,3,2,1 is a simple and proven technique to recenter our focus when it wanders astray. By checking in with our senses, we ground ourselves in the present moment.

And hey, if your hard work pays off and results swing your way — on election day that one thing you taste at the end of your 5,4,3,2,1 might be sweet victory itself. 

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In closing...

Thanks for reading, and vote confidently!

If you’re interested in learning more about high performance mindset training, and how these tools (and many more) can help to unlock your full potential, please download Confidently in the app store today!

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