High Performance Science

Confidently uses a science-based framework to make living confidently a daily habit. It’s built around the same proven tools and processes we’ve used with top performers for decades.

You Keep Practicing Because It's...

Fun & Effective

That's the only way most of us will stick with something. When it feels like work, we probably won't do it.

And that's why we've made Confidently easy to incorporate into your daily life. Coach Mojo is always on your side and there to help you start living more confidently in only a few minutes a day.

3 Steps to Growth

Top performers don’t get that way by accident — they get that way by training their mental fitness.  Every tool we teach is one we’ve seen our clients — from Olympians, military leaders, top business performers, and more — use to get results when they matter most. We build you a toolkit that lets you bring your best self to every situation, whether that’s at work, in school or in your sports or personal life.

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STEP goals are Confidently's unique goal type, built around a core proven model developed after working with hundreds of elite performers, reading hundreds of papers and talking with our colleagues who are among the best in the world at coaching high-performance. This model includes:

  • S — Specific goals with a number and time frame in them
  • T — Tappable goals with cues in our environment to remind us to do them
  • E — Energizing goals linked to our deepest, most important values
  • P — Practical goals that we can complete 70-90% time frame depending on if they are a week or one day out.

Daily Quests include fun activities written by our team of performance mindset expert coaches and creative writers.  There are hundreds of days of content written around 6 core areas:

  • Thrive (Motivation, Resilience, Optimism)
  • Perform (Managing pressure with focus and emotional energy tools)
  • Develop (Using Goal-setting and Reflection to grow)
  • Sustain (Sleeping, using self-care, self-compassion and recovery)
  • Connect (Conversation and connection skills)
  • Skills (Core life skills in areas that matter like speaking, overcoming imposter syndrome, job search, start-up, leadership, parenting and more)

They also include assessments to gauge where we're at in core areas. And reflective questions to synthesize learning.

Challenges are repeatable activities that you can do over and over. They are types of core training activities that work and continue to work the more you use them.  These are activities, like the balanced critique or box-breathing exercise, or the WIN focus management technique.

They are tools that many high-performers will use for years to continue to grow.

We have these in all of our core areas and give you multi-week challenges to get a chance to master them and support your development and growth.


What Others Say

We've been coaching elite performers for decades. Here's a taste of what they have to say:

"This year, more so than any year prior in my coaching career, I was faced with performance mindset related issues that affected individuals on my team. I didn’t have the tools to help them. With mental skills training and a tool to train the performance mindset, we could tackle this. We are SO excited to partner with Dr. Athey and Confidently."
Carla Flaherty
Roanoke College Woman's Basketball Coach
"I’ve spent most of my career training my physical skills, but it was only when I began to be coached and practice my mental skills that I made the sorts of gains I had dreamed about. High-performance mindset coaching has given me a “toolbox” of skills I take everywhere, on and off the track. I’m so glad Confidently can allow more people to gain access to these tools that have helped me so much!"
Georganne Moline
Olympian, World Champion
"Our men’s wheelchair basketball team finished third in the nation and our rugby team is on its way to defend its title this weekend in Illinois. Miguel, our new track athlete just defeated the world record holder in a recent track meet. We could not have achieved these accomplishments without Dr. Alex's help and support."
Peter Hughes
U of Arizona, Adaptive Athletics Coach

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