Claiming a Free Offer

Some simple instructions on how to claim your free offer.

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Android Users: Join Our Waitlist

We will have multiple apps and products coming in early 2021.

I-phone users

Congratulations on having a free offer link from us! Your free offer can only be claimed on your mobile i-phone.

We don’t have an android version of our app right now, but are working on one.

So, try clicking on this on your i-phone – and everything else should be clear.

If you need more help, follow the steps below.

Step 1

  • Click on your link on your mobile phone.
  • This can be done by clicking on the link in your email (or from your text message).
  • This will open up the “Open With” button for you to choose a browser.
  • We suggest using Chrome, but any browser should work.

Step 2

– Click the ‘Open’ option when you see this pop-up


Step 3

– Click the “Continue” option if and when you see this screen.  You won’t always see this.


Step 4

– Click the cloud with the download arrow to begin downloading this app.


Step 5

– Click the “open” button to open the app.


Step 6

– Just click “Ok” and you now have your free membership! Just go through the ordinary sign-up screens and process and your free membership will automatically start. Enjoy and live confidently!