Meet the Little Blue Coach.

Are you a busy working professional who wants to be your best, but doesn’t have the time (or budget) to hire a team of personal coaches?

Does trying to make healthy changes in your life and at work feel impossible?

Little Blue Coach is the perfect solution. Coach Mojo is a conversational agent built by a team of some of the world’s top performance psychologists and creative comedy writers.

And our automated expert chats are with you 24/7/365 to challenge and support you towards your goals — with plenty of humor and zero judgment.

Use the science of self-improvement to live your best life.

Clarify Your Why

Get clear on your core values and the “why” driving you to succeed and grow.

STAY Motivated

Learn proven frameworks and practice with tools to stay motivated.

Run Experiments

Set simple daily’ish experiments targeting small 1% performance and habit improvements.

Track progress

Track progress over time with the charts Mojo keeps.


Define your ideal vision for who you want to be in 1-year in the areas of work, relationships, and health.

Avoid Burnout

Master proven ways to manage emotions, practice self-compassion, build optimism, and a whole lot more.

Being your best has never been so easy (or fun)!
Coach Mojo was built by some of the world's best high-performance coaches.

Including Dr. Alex Auerbach (Head of Wellness and Performance for the Toronto Raptors), Dr. Amy Athey (former Chief Wellness Officer for the University of Arizona), and more.

Our Founders

Our Founders

Dr. Alex Auerbach

Co-founder & Director of Wellness and Development at Toronto Raptors

Dr. Amy Athey

Co-founder & Performance Psychologist Naval Special Warfare Group

Tom Austin

Co-founder & CEO

Are you a company, organization, or influencer?

Want a custom masterchat?

Get in touch! We make it easy to engage, entertain, and drive behavior change.


First, we analyze the area we're building chats in and find the best, most knowledgeable expert teachers.


Next, we work with these teachers to design and develop the most effective, reusable ways to use chatbots to train these core skills.


Finally, we test, release, and continually improve these chats so they are short, effective, and engaging.