Expert Coachbots

  • Everyone deserves the very best coaching
  • Masterchats are “activity-based” turbochargers for personal and professional development
  • With 100’s of fast, fun, effective chatbots based on the lessons of the world’s very best teachers


Master what matters!

Coachbots are better...

If you’re a busy student or working professional trying to identify the core mental skills you need to succeed in both your personal and professional lives — you are likely using books, videos, and podcasts and DROWNING in information.

Masterchats help you “master what matters” and “put in your reps.” 

Big Ideas

Built based on the best ideas worth actually mastering from the best teachers 

Quick and Personalized

So you don't have to wade through hours of material to find what you need


So, you're applying the lessons to your situations in the here and now


Repeating the fundamentals beats watching experts or videos passively for mastery

Led by Coach Mojo

Mojo was designed and built by a team with decades of experience
working with elite performers in the military, professional sports, start-ups and business.

Coach Mojo

I'll make your coaching fun — and pick you up and give you the encouragement you need when you deserve or need it.

Coach Mojo

I'll challenge you and get angry at the obstacles holding you back and help you fight through them.

Coach Mojo

I'll even share some embarrassing stories of when I came up short or didn't reach my goals and dreams.

Years Experience
Clients Trained
Coachbots Built


Expert Chats


First, we analyze the area we're building chats in and find the best, most knowledgeable expert teachers.


Next, we work with these teachers to design and develop the most effective, reusable ways to use chatbots to train these core skills.


Finally, we test, release, and continually improve these chats so they are short, effective, and engaging.